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About Maldives Post

Postal Services in Maldives

Postal service in the Maldives was introduced in 1906. Over the 115 years, Postal service witnessed phases of development and played a vital role as a basic communication medium in the Maldives for many decades.
Maldives Post Limited as a limited liability company formed in 1994 and is fully owned by the government with a mandate of providing postal service across the country and abroad under Universal Postal Service Obligation (USO). Maldives Post is the national postal operator in the country with a network of 14 Atoll Post Offices and 172 agency offices across the nation providing access to postal service in all inhabited islands.
Mail Services represent the core business for Maldives Post. Apart from the traditional mail services, Maldives Post is widely engaged in the provision of non-postal services including financial services and agency services. The focus of Maldives Post has been on improving and expanding its portfolio of products and services in line with the changes being taken place in the communication market and technological advancements providing solutions for the changing needs of customers.

The slogan - We dissolve distance

Dissolving the distance, by providing postal services for the population within the Maldives and around the world through the Domestic and International postal network in a reliable manner by contributing to everyday life.


Universal Postal Services
Postal Act (5/2006) and Universal Postal Convention set out the scope of the Universal Service Obligation and the quantitative and qualitative requirements to be met with respect to the delivery of addressed letters (including small packets) and parcels.
As stipulated by the Universal Postal Union Convention, citizens of the countries in the Global Postal Network can send mail to anywhere in the world within the postal network with the quality and standards ensured by the Universal Service Convention.
To become a one-stop service centre where wide range of services and products are offered through innovative solutions at a standard and quality acceptable to all postal customers
To meet customers changing needs by providing new and innovative products and service through friendly and knowledgeable staff and efficient networks


September 1906
Introduction of postal service in Maldives
Usage of temporary postage stamp

May 1909
First postage stamp of the Maldives released by the then post Master General Sumuvvul Ameer Mohamed Ameen Dhoshimeynakilegefaanu – Naadhee Thamaththun

August 1967
Became a member of Universal Postal Union (UPU), the international postal organization.

September 1981
Introduction and published of postcode system.

July 1982
Became a member of Asia Pacific Postal Union, the restricted Union for Asia Pacific Postal Union.

September 1990
Introduction of Express Mail Service

February 1991
Introduction of fast POST service (Domestic Speedpost)

September 1991
Introduction of Money Order service