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Now you are NOT constricted to the limited choices available locally! wondering what makes eTukuri the best international shipping service? Let us tell you why.

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Shop at over 350,000 websites that do not accept international orders!

USA is an amazing shopping paradise, we all agree. But don't miss out on the great shopping selections in China. We provide you with all options and ship to you at the best rates possible.

We repack so you can save

We figure out the best way to reduce your packaging size. The lesser your package weighs, the more you save.

Feel safe with our Post Dhahanaa package

We know how valuable your items are - with Post Dhahanaa, get extra care against potential loss or damage during shipping. We make sure they reach you safely.

No taxes when you shop in USA

Never pay for any sales tax on any packages from USA when you ship them to our distribution centre in the tax-free state in Oregon.

Shop from many, ship all at once

Consolidate your purchases from multiple merchants and deliver them all at once. You can consolidate as many packages as you can and you will not have to pay for any customs tax if your individual package CIF is under $400.

21 days of free storage

We welcome your packages to stay at our warehouse for 3 weeks - in the meantime you can wait for all your packages to arrive before shipping them together.

Keep track of what matters

We provide timely updates on your package status, from the time it arrives at our warehouse till it reaches you.

Friendliest interface

We make the process as simple as possible for you with an easy-to-use account and package management site.

Never miss out on the latest deals

We know you're busy. Leave the job to us - we'll send you the latest updates and exclusive deals, and you'll never miss out on them again.

We care for you

Your satisfaction means a great deal to us - our Customer Care team is committed to providing you with the best service.