Philately is the collection and study of the postage stamps. Philately is a pleasurable hobby that broadens one’s knowledge and enhances understanding of a lot of things such as politics, history, influential personalities, geography, flora and fauna, birds and animals, science etc. While this special hobby has no age limit, it is a very efficient in provoking young philatelist’s interest in these diverse topics.

The first postal stamp of the Maldives was issued on 9th September 1906 giving birth to the philatelic industry of the Maldives. The 1906 stamp was a cylon stamp of “King Edward VII” which was over printed with “MALDIVES” for the use in maldives. After the stocks of the overprinted stamps were over, a true and more localised stamp was released depicting the iconic “Munnaaru”. Throughout the 100 years that has passed since then, locals and international philatelists around the globe have been collecting Maldivian stamps.

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2015 - 2019

70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy (MVI15.0101 )

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