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Express Mail Service (EMS)


EMS is a reliable, fast and cost-effective way to post packages abroad. With EMS, items will be deliver to the major cities of abroad within 2 to 5 days, where customers can track and trace EMS items through our dedicated mail tracker..

Tracking number - Express Mail Service (EMS)

Quick synopsis


Maximum dimension 1.5 meters


Length + Height + Width = Maximum 3 meters


Maximum 20 kg

Target Customers

Anyone who want to send urgent document(s) and merchandise abroad.


Acceptance at any postal outlet

Priority handling from acceptance to final delivery

End-to-end tracking

Signature at delivery

Time taken to serve the customer

For Document(s) only:  Approximately 10 minutes*

For EMS items that contain goods:  Approximately 15 minutes* (the time taken will depend on Custom inspection procedure).


Note:*Waiting time for the service is not included

EMS charge

EMS charge to send document and merchandise abroad. Charges will be calculated based on the destination and weight of the EMS item.

Postage Calculator

EMS Delivery standard

Delivery within 2 to 5 days to selected destinations

Achievement & News

Maldives Post – The recipient of EMS Cooperative’s Annual Award

Universal Postal Union, created EMS Cooperative to develop express delivery worldwide by promoting the cooperation between member countries to allow them to provide their customers with a high quality global EMS delivery service. EMS Cooperative’s annual awards recognizes members with excellent EMS service. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are accredited recognition for EMS Cooperative members attaining high levels of performance. EMS Maldives received the bronze award for performance in 2019.

EMS Cooperative on its 20th Anniversary

In 1999, the Universal Postal Union created the EMS Cooperative to develop express delivery worldwide. Today, on the EMS Cooperative's 20th anniversary, there are more than 180 member countries who work together to provide their customers with the express mail service known as EMS – the fastest cross-border postal product. The EMS Cooperative promotes cooperation between its member Posts to provide a high-quality, reliable and visible express mail service worldwide.