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Ordinary Post


Ordinary Post provides an opportunity to send letters and packages at a very affordable price. There is no tracking facility for this service. This is a non-priority mail and is the cheapest form of mail service currently offered.


Post cards

Small packets

Quick synopsis


Maximum 2 kg

Target Customers

Anyone who want to send postal item abroad.


Ordinary postal items: Acceptance at any postal outlet or drop to any street posting box (only if required postage stamps affixed)


For ordinary postal items(s) with goods inside: Acceptance at any postal outlet and content declaration is mandatory.

Time taken to serve the customer

For ordinary postal items(s) only:  Approximately 5 minutes*

For ordinary postal items(s) with goods inside: Approximately 7 minutes* (the time taken will depend on Custom inspection procedure).


Note:*Waiting time for the service is not included


Postage is calculate, based on the destination and weight of the postal item.

Postage Calculator

Delivery standard

Delivery within 10 to 15 days