P.O Box

P.O. Boxes are a great way receiving your mails timely. You have the convenience of collecting your mail at your convenience without waiting in queue. Moreover, we have P.O boxes installed at multiple locations.

Available locations

  • Maldives Post Ltd Head Office.
  • Hulhumale' Ferry Terminal, Male'

What are the benefits?

For small businesses, particularly those operating from a home address, P.O. boxes are of immense use to create a professional first impression.

  • A professional looking address that is easy to remember
  • Keep a consistent postal address even when you change your office or residential address.
  • Collect your mail 24/7 at Ferry terminal P.O Box
  • You don’t miss your mail when you are away or address locked

How to apply for the service?

If you would like to find out more about it, our knowledge center is the best place to get started. If you still have any questions, our CS representative on 3315555 will be glad to help you out with your application.

If you think you are ready to have your own P.O Box, just fill a form and submit it to one of our counters.

Download Application Form


The charge for P.O Box can be paid annually or monthly in advance

Location Monthly Anually
Post Building
* See service hours
50 600
Ferry Terminal
24/7 access
60 700