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P O Box

For ultimate flexibility in picking up your mail and ensuring privacy at the same time, you can rent a personal PO Box to retrieve your mail anytime.

Target Customer

Anyone who wants full security for mail while going on vacations, Business trips or change address very often due to unforeseeable reasons.

Process to obtain the service

1.   Registration form will be available over the counter or in Maldives Post website

2.   Fill all required field and submit the form along the ID card copy.

3.   P.O. Box and Box number will be allocated based on the availability.

4.   Include the given P.O. Box number in your mailing address.

5.   Collect the postal items at convenient time.

Charges and Fee applicable

1. Deposit will be collected at the time of registration

2. Monthly fee should be paid on annual basis.

3. A key replacement charge will be charged In case of key damage or lost.